Nelson welcomes you!

Full Day Hop On Hop Off Nelson Wine Tours

Please be aware, due to COVID, we run two different timetables to match demand on the day. See both our timetables below and feel free to call us the day before you travel to see which timetable we will be using for your tour. 

In light of the latest lockdown, and the effects that this has had on our business, we will be using the second Timetable below, with less returns, on days where we have LESS THAN 20 PEOPLE out on our buses.

We know with our great customer base we will return to our pre-covid numbers for our Nelson wine tours, but for now, please be aware that if you are travelling on a QUIETER DAY we will only make x2 returns to town.

We will try our utmost to run our standard map on as many days as possible.

Thank you, HOHO.

Special Deals

We worked hard to strike lots of special deals with our partners - get the damn good discounts exclusively offered on selected routes with our bus pass!

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