Our Ethos

Hop on Hop off is a concept where guests purchase a seat on one of our buses in either Queenstown, Bannockburn, Marlborough, & Nelson which takes them along a predefined circuit of vineyards, breweries, attractions and activities. Guests have the option to choose where they want to hop off, spend some time enjoying that location, before hopping on the next vehicle completing the circuit and getting off at their chosen stops along the way.

As with any simple concept, there is a background of complex relationships and arrangements with suppliers and partners who make the forward facing product possible.

Hop On Hop Off Values

Historical and cultural positioning

At Hop on Hop off it is extremely vital that we are culturally accepting, of not just NZ’ers but any race/gender/religion/demographic which we come across. 

On our buses our drivers are all bilingual and all of our staff come from completely different backgrounds. It is this diversity which we feel makes us work so well as a team, but also makes us a more accepting company.

We have integrated cultural awareness and Manaakitanga into our drivers commentary along all of our routes/tours. This means every client should walk away from the tour with a token of New Zealand culture and hospitality.


Our Vision: To ensure we care for New Zealand now and in preparation for the future. We will travel safely and care for our clients whilst committing to a clean green company.

We have 6 monthly review meetings to discuss incentives and ideas on how we can incorporate sustainability to the company. Ideas for employees of all levels are welcome and encouraged.

Manaakitanga: hospitality, generosity, care, and giving

Manaakitanga is a powerful way of expressing how Māori communities care about each other’s wellbeing, nurture relationships, and engage with one another. Manaakitanga also extends to the whenua that needs care in order to ensure sustainability for future generations. Manaakitanga is essentially the interaction of good hospitality and creating an inclusive and sustainable environment. At HOHO 

we have considered this in many aspects of the business including day to day operations and even how we think, act and feel. This is why we created the values of Respect and Relationships. We consider this in all of our recruitment policies. 

When physically interacting with customers and/or visitors to our workplace it is essential to make them feel as welcome as possible. Our job is to host, it is important that small details are paid attention, as this adds to your visitors experience and makes us memorable. You want the customer/visitor to walk away thinking “They really cared about me” or “I feel so welcomed”. 

These interactions with others are essential to our business. Which is extremely important especially being in the tourism/hospitality industry. Our job is to make sure they feel like they are being cared for – in every aspect of the business