The Lowdown

1. We do not take bookings of more than 8 customers at a time. It is because only 8 or less people are guaranteed the best possible experience at the cellar doors. ( It also prevents customer from jumping on & off due to the buses only having 20 seats).
Any groups found to have booked separately and numbered over 8 people will be returned to your original location.
2. If you are looking for larger numbers or a special occasion please contact us directly.
3. We follow strict duty of care protocols that may result in a person’s tour being stopped and removal of the offending passenger in the event of intoxication or disrespectful behaviour.
4. Our bus is not licensed to drink alcohol onboard.
5. In the event a passenger soils the bus, they will be charged $200 as cleaning fee. ( Not negotiable ).
6. You need to include food and water in your planning.
7. Please be at your stop 5 minutes before departure time.
8. We are not responsible for any delays due to traffic or if you are late.
9. We recommend no more than 3-4 couples get off at winery. Small numbers result in a more enjoyable experience. Go back on the next run if you wish.
10. Some Wineries have a tasting charge, some waive it when you make a purchase. We also store your wine purchases all day for you.