Half Day Wine Tour – Queenstown

Half Day Wine Tour Queenstown

Start Time: 12:10 pm

Duration: 4 – 5 Hours (approximately)

Location: Queenstown, Queenstown-Lakes District

If you’re a traveller looking to explore Queenstown and its surrounds but have limited time, take advantage of a bus tour to any of the wine and beer tasting locations of your choosing. Traveling with us is as simple as selecting the venues on our travel map and planning your trip in advance. Half day trips start in the afternoon.

Queenstown Attractions

If you’re in a hurry and stressed about missing out on any must-see destinations, feel at ease, we’ve got you covered. Our Hop On Hop Off Queenstown map includes all the top Queenstown tourist attractions in the region, the most popular being wineries, breweries, and the local cuisine. 


If you, your partner, or group prefer a nice glass of red or white wine you’ll delight in our Queenstown wine tour with a variety of wine tasting locations to choose from. Hop On Hop Off Queenstown wine tours are offered at the following locations:

  • The Winery Arrowtown
  • The Winery Queenstown
  • Mora Wines & Artisan Kitchen
  • Amisfield Bistro & Cellar Door
  • Nockie’s Palette 
  • Wet Jacket Wines
  • Gibbston Valley Wines
  • Brennan Wines
  • Mt Rosa Wines
  • Kinross Cellar Door & Bistro
  • Rockburn Wines


Hop On Hop Off also offers travelers interested in traveling to Queenstown breweries with many beer tasting locations to choose from. Here you can travel to the following tourist attractions:

  • Canyon Food & Brew Co
  • Cargo Brewery at Gantleys
  • Cargo Brewery at Waitiri Creek
  • Gibbston Tavern
  • Altitude Brewing

Whether you are traveling solo or decided to venture out to Queenstown in a group tour, our services guarantee you’ll enjoy your bus trip while making new memories. 

*Tip: For the most enjoyable experience we recommend no more than 3 or 4 couples get off at any particular bus stop. Groups of 8 or larger can be accommodated by speaking to a Hop On Hop Off booking agent. 

Why Hop On Hop Off Wine Tours

Our services are competitively priced and offer you with additional special offers at selected venues. Please keep in mind that terms and conditions apply and may be subject to change. You can speak to a booking agent for more information on offers and discounted rates. 

The Fine Print

If you’re interested in wine, beer, or food attractions you’d want to download our free map to see if booking in advance is needed in order to dine at any specific venues. 

It is important to note that some Queenstown wineries and breweries have a tasting or tour charge. Travelers will need to include this in their traveling budget as this is an additional charge to each traveler and is not included in the tour.